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The ABR Massage Device

The ABR Massage Device was taken into usage in June 2006. It is designed to imitate the affect of the hands-on ABR applications. Now hundreds of families have utilized the device for the treatment of their children and effected individuals.

Normally the ABR Device is employed in combination with the ABR Manual Exercises. One can use the machine to take over many of the trunk applications such as thorax, abdomen, vertebral column or pelvis, leaving the parents and caretakers free to concentrate on more delicate areas of the neck, face or head.

For parents who simply do not have the time resources to implement the ABR Manual Exercises, the ABR Machine allows these families to enjoy the trunk and core strengthening advantages of the ABR Method.

Further Uses:

In addition the machine offers disabled or chronically ill adults to receive the beneficial effects of the ABR Therapy – even if there are no caretakers available for the manual applications.

Not only individuals with cerebral palsy, but also victims of stroke, multiple sclerosis, and various other degenerative diseases affecting the structure and function of the motor-skeletal system can be effectively assisted.

The machine works to improve motor functioning, and to prevent further degeneration. The various pain inflicting symptoms of these diseases can be alleviated.

Sport injuries, joint deterioration and hard to treat back pain can be improved and treated through consistent machine work.

The ABR Therapy Device can best be used during immobile, resting or sleeping periods.