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PAVES stands for: Peri-Articular Visco-Elastic Stimulation and represents the most recent development within the ABR Program.

This sub-division of ABR exercises opens many new doors for the application of ABR Techniques. Through PAVES we have new possibilities for:

Selective movements are executed when employing various combinations of materials such as batting, towels, visco-elastic cushions, air-mattresses, trampolines and balls. The constructions work to minimize the external rebound reaction and to maximize the internal hydrostatic response within the soft tissues structures. The stress shielding effect is bypassed, and the body reacts by rebuilding tissues in the areas being worked upon.

Reconstruction of tissues results in

  • Improved joint structure and functioning

  • Reduced spasticity

  • Improved general volume of the area

Patients with degenerative diseases will find that further degeneration can be prevented and that improvement of joint structure and function can be attained.

A large variety of methods and exercises allows us to find appropriate ways of working with even more specialized cases and life situations.

Stroke patients, MS patients and patients with milder dysfunction of the motor skeletal system are now being taught a variety of home exercises that can easily be applied as a home exercise program.