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Family Centered Services

Family Centered Services refers to a concept in health care that is receiving increasing attention. It defines the parent as the competent decision making entity when it comes to the well being of the child.

“The priorities and choices of the family drive the delivery of services” is the description that Community Gateway gives to Family Centered Care.


The Canchild Organisation goes even further: “Family-centred service recognizes that each family is unique; that the family is the constant in the child’s life; and that they are the experts on the child’s abilities and needs.

(Canchild) Here the parents are even referred to as the experts.

In reference to the special needs child, “life quality” is often defined by the treatment that the parent feels best with.

In today’s reality however, when it comes to the decision making or to medical interventions - the parent is often forced into the waiting room position.

At ABR we strive to bring the parents out of the waiting room. We do not see the parent as a person who, when – upon receiving lengthy explanations will simply allow the medical professionals to perform their skills, but rather as the primary most viable chance for the consistent improvement of their child’s condition.

ABR parents experience the satisfaction that comes through being able to do something constructive for their child’s condition themselves. It gives parents a radical change of perspective to be able to receive the tools for the implementation of steady improvements and to be able to work with these tools on a daily basis.

The ABR Staff is educated to train the Special Needs Parents in the ABR Technique. This technique serves as a basic conditioning tool for promoting the general health and well being of a special needs child, as well as for promoting functional improvements.

In this sense the ABR team considers itself to be advocates of Family Centered Services – providing the parents with abilities for promoting their children’s development.