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The Special Needs of Special Needs Individuals

Special Needs Individuals have multiple and complex needs for help and assistance. In this section we will continuously supply information about persons, programs and institutions that we have found to be successful in assisting the families, caretakers and individuals striving towards optimal development and improvements of the Special Needs person to whom they are connected.

The primary developmental steps of any human being have to do with movement and movement function. Beyond the ABR work, we have developed contact with organizations involved in the following methods:

  • Elfriede Hengstenberg
  • Dr. Emmi Pikler
  • Feldenkrais Method
  • Therapeutic Eurythmy

See the information on our page titled Movement and Movement Development

A vital necessity for every human being is communication. The ability of even the most handicapped individual to begin to communicate with an understanding environment should not be under-estimated. Organizations like ISAAC help families to develop communication systems for their children.

Service Dogs can often give Special Needs Individuals new freedoms, independence, self-esteem and motivation – as well as unrelenting friendship.

Special organizations that assist families with autistic children are found here.

CanChild is a Canadian organization that sees itself as a resource center for parents of children with handicaps. One can find many scientific based studies here.