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Establishing a functional method of communication for a special needs individual and his/her family and caretakers is essential for the cognitive, social and motivational development of the child. In addition, experience has shown that individuals who have been fortunate enough to have received assistance in developing a communication system can learn to speak even up into their teen- age years.

Even for the healthy child, using gestures, facial expressions and movements proceeds the actual development of speech as such. Therefore, whenever possible, it is important to try to establish as intricate a means of sign language as possible.

Severe children who cannot utilize their hand movements sufficiently, today have many possibilities for facilitated communication through picture systems or through computer based systems.

An international organization that concentrates on communication with special needs individuals is The International Association for Augmented Communication

In Denmark:


Hanne Rohde is the director of the above organization in Denmark and has extensive experience in developing means of communication with children with developmental difficulties. She provides consultation services to private persons and institutions.

Her telephone number is: 0045- 27292083

ISAAC International: