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Degenerative Diseases

The discovery, continued observation and our resulting claim that functional loss is preceded by internal structural degeneration and deficiency allows for an understanding of the improvements realized through ABR by such diverse patient groups.

Brain Injury, metabolic based illnesses, genetic deficiencies – these all result in similar degenerative processes within the body’s internal connective tissue and fascia based system.

The gradually or sudden degeneration of the connective tissue matrix, results in emerging compressional weakness within the core structures and joints.  This in turn leads to muscular skeletal limitations and dysfunctions appearing in a cascading effect.

In a variety of cases of adult patients with degenerative diseases ABR work is not only preventing further degeneration, but providing:

  • renewed stamina
  • Vitality
  • improved mobility
  • Improved joint quality and function
  • reduction of pain and discomfort

These combined alleviations and improvements bring ample enhancement in life quality to adult patients with degenerative disorders.