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Severely Affected Child

Severely affected children suffer under a global breakdown of internal connective tissue structures. The compressional weakness is profound and dramatic.

This breakdown is so severe as to threaten the combined vital life functions of the child.

Respiration, circulation as well as metabolic functioning or digestion is affected. The body’s collective systems are forced to run at a very low rate. The child is easily susceptible to repeated infections, allergies and other illnesses that can often take dramatic turns.

In such cases ABR seeks to address the fundamentals, and the fundamentals are the vital functions. Before the vital functions can be stabilized, it is unlikely that other functional improvements can be made.

However after a general improvement in the respiratory and metabolic capacity, it is possible for severe children to make progress in the weight bearing abilities. Then improvements in head and trunk control as well as counter balancing can be achieved.

Improved stability in the basic life functions allow severe children to become more awake and aware.

For severely affected children, as defined by the GMFCS as level IV and level V children, ABR can be considered as basic conditioning. It serves as a platform for all the other therapeutic efforts and is able to improve the child’s general tissue quality, thereby maintaining a better life quality and working to prevent further degeneration.