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ABR Assessment

The ABR Assessment is a unique tool for evaluating the progress of individuals in the ABR program.

The assessment consists of hundreds of tests developed and adapted primarily by Leonid Blyum. These tests can be classified as follows:

  1. Weight Bearing Tests – evaluate the ability of the muscular skeletal system to carry axial loads.

  2. Segmentation Tests – These tests show the status quo and improvements in the segmented mobility between individual bodily parts.

  3. Deceleration of Movements initiated by a second person. The primary goal of these tests is to evaluate the reduction of spasticity.

  4. Primary and secondary compressibility tests – illustrate compressional weakness and improvements thereof.

  5. Fascia compartmentalization Tests – reveal underlying improvements within the fascia based tissues.

  6. Functional Tests defining gross motor-skeletal performance.

Individuals in the ABR Program normally attend two assessments yearly in order to document their progress and to develop further exercise strategy.

The assessments are recorded on DVD.

In addition, hundreds of photos are taken for the purpose of comparison or progress and for creating comparison files for documentation. These files are made available upon request and are a reliable documentary tool for ABR progress.

Parents receive copies of all of the recorded material.