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The ABR Technique

The ABR Technique is designed to address compressional weakness. Repeated applications strengthen the body’s internal structures.

Internal strengthening is achieved when:

  1. Soft tissue structures begin to regenerate

  2. The health of the individual membranes is reinstated – health as defined by the ability of the membranes to hold a hydrostatic pressure.

In order to address internal soft tissue structures the ABR technique employs the following elements that we describe as the three Q’s:

  1. Quasi-Spherical – indicates that we achieve as great a distribution as possible within a prescribed bodily area.

  2. Quasi-Static – this means that the movements involved for the applications have as little acceleration as possible. In this way the maximum input within a weak tissue can be achieved.

  3. Quasi-Isotropic – shows that we want to achieve as little deformation of the surfaces involved as possible, because deformation of the surfaces serves to reduce the effect.