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ABR in Sweden

In cooperation with Hjärnestyrkan Assistans AB, ABR parents training courses are being established in Östersund in Sweden.

The dates for the first visit are: October 29,30 31 and November 1 2009

An introductory lecture “ABR as the Method for Treating Compressional Weakness” will be held on October 29th 2009.

It is possible for interested parents to:

  • Attend this introductory lecture

  • To attend an assessment of their child
  • To take part in the ABR parents training courses

The courses and lectures will be held at:

Hjärnestyrkan Assistans AB
Odenbocken 4
831 45 Östersund

Webaddress: www.hjarnstyrkan.se


Parents interested in attending at this location may contact:

Monika Grahn

Email: monika.grahn(at)hjarnsyrkan.se
Tel: 0046-63128905


Gabriella Eriksson

Email: gabriella.eriksson(at)hjarnstyrkan.se
Telephone: 0046-63-128900 or 0046-732-74 85 89