ABR Support for Whiplash and Concussion Injured

Those who have been subject to either a whiplash or concussion-based accident best know the feeling of disorientation and general bodily weakness which occurs in their entire system through such an injury. Both of these types of injuries involve serious jolts to the neck and can have long lasting consequences which unfortunately do not “heal with time” – resulting often enough in a reduced functional level, the loss of work and permanent disability. Long-lasting symptoms can include chronic headaches, intense full body pains, neck and spine stiffness, difficulty concentrating, bodily and emotional instability, stress, insomnia – or the need for excessive sleep, and much more.

ABR’s strategy for the treatment of these neck related injuries is based upon an understanding of how even a minimal damage to sensitive neck structures can serve to initiate a cascade of negative symptoms which then will lead to a massive disruption of the bodily functions, the muscular-skeletal system, and the psycho-somatic and emotional well-being.
The sensitivity of the entire area involved in such injuries is highly influenced by the fact that the muscle, tissue and fascia-based structures at the Base of the Skull are the home of two thirds of the entire proprioceptive nerve endings to be found in the body. This reveals the hyper-importance of this small area of the body for our total “body map” related experience and our emotional and physical well-being. When an injury at the base of the skull goes untreated and cannot heal sufficiently on its own – when something is “off” at the base of the skull – then the entire psycho-somatic being is dragged into an internal chaos.
Both a whiplash injury and a concussion have lent serious jolts to the entire muscle, tissue and fascia-based structures located at the base of the skull. These intricate and finely meshed tissue structures are not only responsible for supporting and holding our head, but due to the fact that they are very highly represented within our “body-map system” – they give a constant feedback and orientation to our own central nervous system about our location in space, our movements, our balance system, and much more. These nerve-endings are embedded in the myofascial base. When the myofascial base is damaged, they can also be damaged or impaired through a loss of their stable locations and signal effectivity. This can in turn involve a disturbance in the regulation of the cerebral spinal fluid flow.
Therefore, it is easy to understand that an injury within these tissues – even if it is minimal – can lead to a deep sense of disorientation. This has been described as a sense of being “internally decapacitated”. This inner dis-orientation causes further muscular stiffening and muscular tensions within the entire neck, which are tiring and further serve to wear down the system. When deep underlying tissues are damaged or weakened, the necessity for a heightened superficial muscle engagement is the result.
This can explain the increase in pain sensitivity over time and the increasing Whiplash Related Disorders for the whiplash injured as confirmed in the recently published study
linked to below in Odense University. This study confirms long-term effects of whiplash and states that it is the stress related symptoms and not the loss of the range of movement alone which contributes towards long term negative effects.

ABR Treatment involves the application of entirely unique, relaxing and safe techniques which serve to renew and repair deep underlying damage to the connective tissues and myo-fascia based tissues. This in turn allows the tissues and muscles which were originally damaged to remodel, restore themselves and to regain their original functional level. As these tissues recover a normalized muscular skeletal balance can be regained. Pains reduce, headaches diminish, concentration returns – as healthy cycles are initiated.
The gentle ABR techniques are designed to penetrate the hard to reach areas found in the base of the skull and neck without the implementation of any manipulation or mobilization techniques. This makes them entirely safe and allows for the initiation of a rejuvenating renewal which cannot be achieved in other ways.
If you are interested in joining our whiplash and concussion weeks, please contact us at: info@abr-denmark.com or phone 28608596 to arrange for a pre-visit telephone talk and an appointment.