ABR Denmark initiated the integration of the Galileo Plate into the various programs for our clients in 2020 in order to further boost and intensify the positive effects of the ABR applied techniques. 
Since this time the Galileo has proven to be not only a significant addition to the ABR Program, but together with ABR understanding and the manifold ABR Techniques can now stand as a central element in the entire ABR based rehabilitation process. 
ABR Denmark offers training, supervision and sales of Galileo Plates to both institutions, rehabilitation centers and businesses interested in promoting the health and well-being of those entrusted to their care and to their employees. 


What you can expect from Galileo Training  

  • Reduction of pains and discomforts 
  • Reduction of reliance upon pain medication 
  • Improved concentration which is achieved through the freeing up of the individual for daily life activities and work 
  • Improved range of movement 
  • Improved joint stability 
  • Improved function of gross and fine motor skills 
  • Improved head control 
  • Improved trunk stability 
  • Heightened well-being 

Our Team offers onsite  

  • Sales, service and installation of the necessary materials for a Galileo Training Space at your location 
  • Supervision of a Galileo Training routine for the employees or entrusted individuals 
  • Regular Galileo treatment days where our staff visits your location to work with
  • affected individuals and devise their training protocols