Do you know that even office workers accumulate 100 micro injuries in their back and spine each office day? 

All businesses both small and large know how essential employee health and wellbeing is for the stability of the company.  Employees who experience an on- the job health and well-being program from the side of their employer are much more resistant to stress related illnesses, pains and discomforts which affect the working day rhythm. 

Galileo Training Denmark offers a unique program for businesses who are seeking to promote not only the health and well-being but also the physical and related emotional stability of their workers.   


ABR Denmark has developed a variety of exclusive techniques which are both relaxing and easy to perform at an on-the-job site.  These techniques significantly release tensions accumulated in the neck, shoulders and backs of both office workers and those who work in a manual labor settingApplications for arms and leg discomforts and injuries are also accessible. Consistent application of these techniques performed with the Galileo Plate significantly reduce pains and injuries which occur through the accumulation of negative daily effects of either sitting at a computer, fine and focused hand work or strenuous physical activities. 

Our Team offers onsite  

  • Sales, service and installation of the necessary materials for a Galileo Training Space at your location
  • Supervision of a Galileo Training routine for the employees which can then be implemented regularly by the employees themselves 
  • Regular Galileo treatment days where our staff visits your location to work with affected individuals and devise their training protocols 

ABR Galileo Training knows both how to repair and to prevent what could otherwise lead to an accumulative overload, sick leave and operations. 


One recent study of work-related pains found the following: 


The annual prevalence of self-reported musculoskeletal symptoms attributed to work was 63%. Sites of symptoms, in order of prevalence, were head/neck (42%), low back (34%), upper back (28%), wrists/hands (20%), shoulders (16%), ankles/feet (13%), knees (12%), hips (6%) and elbows (5%). 



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