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ABR Denmark established the ABR work in Denmark in 2005 and has been subsequently successful in initiating groups of training for parents in many European Countries including Austria, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Hungary as well as the Balkans.
International courses for therapists such as: The ABR Child Clinical Model - are currently offered.
ABR Denmark Team is active in the international scientific Biotensegrity Interest Group think tank in promoting the revolutionary concepts gained through the 20 years of ABR development in respect to successful implementation of both Biotensegrity and Fascia Science based models in rehabilitation.

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The revolutionary effects of the TheraTogs  garment makes it a natural component of the ABR Method.
It can be also be utilised independently of ABR Technique applications and will always boost the developmental progress.
The short video shows the dramatically  the TheraTogs boosts a child’s function. http://alaskamedicalassistants.org/includes/buy-amoxil-online/