ABR Method

Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation

The key to ABR Method’s success is You

Your body – or your child’s body – possess the internal and intrinsic ability to regenerate damaged and depleted tissues. This is a fundamental scientific fact!
The ABR Method has unlocked the secret to harnessing and optimizing this dynamic renewal process.
At ABR Denmark we teach you and your own body how to tap into this hidden “Gold Reserve” in order to bring about an unprecedented speed and momentum of recovery.

Fascia and Connective Tissue

Primary to ABR success has been the development of hundreds of unique and original Techniques for Fascia and Connective Tissue Stimulation. Each ABR Technique has been tried and proven together with thousands of patients and clients with debilitating conditions. Even in the most extreme disorders, the correct application of ABR Techniques significantly boosts outcomes, improvements and developmental potential.
The highly specialized ABR Techniques address Connective Tissues at all levels of the body. This includes the ability to:
⦁ Unglue merged and stiff connective tissues which restrict movement or cause pain
⦁ Release stiff and fibrous tissues which restrict movement and cause spasticity
⦁ Strengthen and stabilize loose and sliding fascia which weaken the entire system
⦁ Improve tissue differentiation within the fascia layers
⦁ Improve bone density and the body mass index
⦁ Strengthen the respiratory mechanics
⦁ Boost the metabolic system

The Importance of Connective Tissue

During the past 20 years scientific research has been uncovering a gold mine of knowledge about the importance of connective tissues for health and regeneration.
The connective tissues include:
⦁ Muscle
⦁ Bone
⦁ Tendons and ligaments
⦁ Joints and intervertebral discs
⦁ Lymph
⦁ Blood
⦁ Fat
⦁ Loose and dense connective tissues
⦁ Extra-cellular matrix
⦁ Interstitial fluids
The non-comprehensive list above indicates how essential these tissues are for our entire existence! As each of these various tissues have their own properties, ABR’s research and 20 years of experience has continuously found the means to tap into the various individual qualities within the tissue matrix. By focusing on all of these instead of only focusing on muscles or on the “brain”, ABR unlocks untold reserves for regeneration, improvement and change.

Connective Tissue Research Prooves

Connective Tissue Research has uncovered a myriad of effects essential for maintenance and improvement of these tissues. These include:
⦁ Physiological mechanical loading – within the range of effective positive remodeling
⦁ Reduction and minimization of stress factors – both mechanical and psychological
⦁ Minimization of micro-failures
⦁ Improvement of micro-circulation to affected tissues
⦁ Improved tissue hydration
⦁ Improvement of bodies uptake and production of structured fluids – water
It is clear that in cases of serious injury or chronic conditions, it is essential to tap into as many pathways for positive tissue remodeling as the body can possibly offer.

This is ABR Denmarks goal.

ABR Before and After