Achievements Through TheraTogs Usage

A wonderful and easy-to-use garment – TheraTogs creates a heightened internal stability for persons with muscular skeletal or sensory impairments. Functional improvements while wearing a TheraTogs system are immediately evident with the initial fitting and donning – whilst permanent improvements are acquired accumulatively through long term and continuous usage. 
The accumulated effects which lead to permanent structural remodeling are essential for the user in terms of creating lasting improvements and in the reduction of degernative temdencies and cycles.


The attained improvements in alignment and posture  send a more normalised proprioceptive “feedback” to the Central Nervous System on a continuous basis, which in turn creates an enhanced muscular skeletal and body-map integration within the CNS.
The user begins to emerge from the sensory chaos which has been incessantly imposed upon the nervous system and gains an improved organisation of the proprioceptive base – allowing for further development of the motor- and emotional and cognitive functions.
Watch the amazing video and see the instantaneous improvements in function provided by TheraTogs.

First Time TheraTogs Trials

When donning the TheraTogs the user will in most cases experiences:
  • Improvement in trunk and spine stability 
  • A heightened internal tensional uniformity of the trunk and core structures.
  • Improved postural competence.
  • Improvements in skeletal alignment through garment and strapping applications.
  • Functional weight bearing improvements
  • Improvements in counter balancing – important for all motor function achievements.
  • Improvements in trunk limb coordination and function.
  • Relaxation and reduction of spasticity in the limbs
Studies have shown that individuals with cerebral palsy have a three to five times higher energy expenditure for performing the same task or walking the same distance as a healthy person does. 
This reveals that an individual with cerebral palsy relies upon a high level of energy expenditure and “muscular overdrive” for performing daily tasks or movements – and even for the maintenance of basic life functions such as the respiration. 
With this in mind it becomes evident that a high energy expenditure for daily life functions, simply does not allow for the energy resource reserve necessary for tissue improvement and tissue remodelling.
This knowledge helps to explain the slow to often non-existent regenerative capacity in children with Special Needs.
TheraTogs usage reduces reliance on muscular overdrive, contributes to muscular relaxation, which in turn allows for long term bio-mechanical remodelling and structural improvements.


The TheraTogs provides the trunk with support and alignment of the pelvis and ribcage – improving trunk and core stability.
This is achieved through a unique fabric design.
The fabric works in such a way as to provide a healthy “pre-stress” to the tissues which in no  way disrupts the healthy micro-vascularization and micro-circulation within the tissue extra cellular matrix.
Other types of  compressional garments have been shown to disrupt the micro-vascularization flow. 
Disruption of this flow then has a negative effect upon tissue development and tissue remodeling.
The exclusive TheraTogs design creates a tensional uniformity within the trunk without limiting tissue vascularization flow.

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Wunzi Infant System

Many babies today are born with a weak core. A weakemd core may not sound scary, but it leads to multiple long term gross motor function and learning problems which negatively affect overall childhood development.  (see infants – link)
TheraTogs Wunzi Infant System intrinsically stabilizes the core and improves trunk alignment. It gives support to the respiration by providing the trunk with tensional uniformity and by giving an even resistance to weakened lower ribs. This effectively channels respiratory movement connective tissue remodelling stimulus back to the trunk and spine, meaning that the achieved tensional uniformity allows for heightened spine strengthening through the respiratory excursions.
The achieved core uniformity also means that compressional loads to the spine are more evenly distributed throughout, which in turn allows for an improved ease of spine movements and motor function development. In this way the baby is supported in its own natural pathways for core strengthening. Trunk and neck control – which are necessary before functional skills can be gained – occur in step with the core stabilization.
At the same time, the Wunzi system not only increases but organizes the comprehensive proprioceptive and sensory input from the core, thereby supporting any therapeutic goals both during and between therapy session.

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