ABR Child Clinical Model

A deep understanding of early childhood as an essential life-stage with its own unique characteristics and requirements as being a precursor to a healthy child and adult development has all but disappeared in our modern life! This, however, does not mean that it cannot be re-attained. As a manual therapist you have an exceptional potential for helping parents to understand their own children with the specific disorders and illnesses which they are now exhibiting and at the same time bring health and healing to their children.
We are now experiencing a global epidemic of both chronic and acute childhood disorders. It is more and more frequent that parents turn to manual therapists for help with the increasingly complex disorders which children are exhibiting. Often however a parent comes with high expectations of what a practitioner can achieve in one or two visits, and if the parent does not see immediate success, then they become discouraged or search for other avenues.
This course is designed to give fascia based manual therapists a deeper insight into childhood development and childhood disorders as a basis for the utilization of many ABR (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation) Techniques for Fascia and Connective Tissue strengthening. These ABR Fascia Strengthening and Remodeling Techniques can be utilized in the clinical setting for treating most of the illnesses and disorders which a child may come with. At the same time, you will learn several fundamental ABR techniques which can successfully be taught to parents – so that the parents can also take part on a daily basis in the health promotion of their child through home implementation. This immensely magnifies the results which one can achieve in the clinical setting and extends the effectivity and reach of the manual therapy.
To this end the course covers:
A Bio-tensegrity and fascia based structural understanding of the healthy child in comparison with the manifestations of weaknesses in the child with illness, disorders, autism, behavioral issues, etc.
Basic ABR Techniques for the clinical implementation.
Basic ABR Techniques which may be safely taught to parents.
Internalizing and re-awakening of the all but forgotten early childhood movement. development experience – as a basis for a deeper understanding and clinical observation, diagnosis and decision making.
The understanding required to help parents to build a health promoting home childhood environment as essential for improvements and child developement.
The Child Clinical Model course lasts three full days. Register for the next course.
If you are interested in hosting this course in your own manual therapy training center, please inquire.