Thrive And Flourish

ABR Denmark’s Core Program is the Parent’s Home Training Program: “Thrive and Flourish”.

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20 years of experience has confirmed that the most essential development and improvements that a child can make are those brought by parents and close family caretakers. You are the ones who bear the invisible inherent connection to your child and who know your child better than any specialist ever can.
You have millions of micro interactions with your child every day! This is an abundant gold mine of opportunities occurring at each and every moment. By learning to mine these precious metals, we help you to transform each of your interactions with your child into positive:                                     
Incremental Improvement Interfaces

In this way you become an unlimited source of dynamic developmental support for your own child.
ABR Denmark’s 35 years of experience working with children accompanies you on this path.
It is here that you as a parent of a Special Needs Child learn all you need to know about how to improve your child’s condition and lead him or her to improved function and an enhanced life quality!
ABR puts the tools of change in your hands.

Knowledge and Understanding is the Core of the ABR Program.

ABR teaches you our most effective Fascia Stimulation Techniques which apply to your own child’s condition and situation! These techniques have been perfected during ABR’s 20-year development work with children with Special Needs and their parents. You become the recipient of the accumulated ABR Technique advancement gleaned through the experience from the enduring work of these parents, Leonid Blyum’s and ABR Denmark’s research in the real life lab.

You learn to understand and to improve:

– Body map or proprioceptive chaos and how to help your child to organize
– Specialized motor function integration
– Trunk/limb coordination fundamentals
– Sensory “dis”- integration restrictions
– Weight bearing essentials
– Respiratory mechanic weaknesses
– Metabolic fragility
– Dietary support essential for the weak system navigation
– Hydration rudiments
– Energy reserve household of the Special Needs Child
– Cognitive advancement – dependency and recovery
– Swallowing and chewing development
– Communication essentials
– Speech fundamentals
– And much more

Our goal is to assist you to organize your day with a myriad of specialized techniques, exercises and learning schemes which will bring your Special child and your Special family into the Thrive and Flourish mode.