ABR Group Courses

We offer ABR Group Sessions for a variety of more localized problems.  If you do not see the course you need, please contact us so that we can find a solution!

Hip & Knee

Two out of every 100 Americans already have an artificial knee or hip! A hip or knee replacement surgery is the dead-end of a failed prevention and rehabilitation health program. With ABR Exercises and Applications you can significantly heighten the remodeling potential of these lower extremity joints –  thereby reducing joint degeneration, minimizing pain, improving function and life quality.

Neck & Shoulder

Join this course if your symptoms are localized to the neck and shoulder areas. Here we teach simple and pain free ABR applications which are so relaxing that they are easy and inviting to integrate into your home routine and schedule!

Back Pain

Even the everyday office worker experiences one-hundred unnoticed micro-injuries to his or her back each day! Office and computer-based jobs have caused an explosion in serious and debilitating back conditions which often lead to even more painful surgeries with unknown long-term outcomes. Whatever the cause of your back pain is, this course will set you on the way to pain relief and movement improvement, whilst teaching you revolutionary long-term strategy implementation methods.

Pelvic Floor

.Medical research has confirmed that pelvic floor pains can have their origins not only in ailments of specific origins but in the connective tissues, ligaments and muscles of this area.  ABR Applications reach the deep ligaments and connective tissues bringing relief to the hidden structures within the pelvis.

Sport - Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

This course teaches you effective self-application manual techniques which create strategies for boosting your sport performance, preventing injuries and for the rehabilitation of mild sport injuries.


Your Business

Many companies and professions are plagued with excessive sick leave, due to pain and discomfort accrued by the colleagues at the workplace. ABR offers these companies an individually scaled preventative wellness model for improving job related pains and discomforts. Areas where the colleagues work, meet or take their breaks can readily be transformed into amazing and soothing “ABR Parkour” stations for easing pain and tensions at the very moment that they occur! Dentist and dental technicians, IT and other computer-based specialists, as well as many other professionals receive effective ABR support though the ABR Business program.

ABR Private Sessions

ABR Single Session

Experience the powerful ABR effects by attending a Single Session. We work with you to open the bodies pathways for Connective Tissue renewal and regeneration.

ABR Pain Free

If you have chronic pain affecting your daily life quality and your ability to function, then this ABR Program is for you. We start with a 1 hour ABR Assessment to pinpoint the crucial areas of weakness and make a strategy for your transition to pain free living. You receive 10 Private 1 hour  ABR Sessions in the period of one week, where our trainers work with you at the level of intensity necessary for creating the transition to high quality ABR work at home.  You will successfully maintain your achieved progress and mitigate further improvements in your own environment.


ABR Back To Work

 This Program is for you if you have been out of work due to pain for more than six months. Intense ABR applications help you to become pain and discomfort free.  You learn effective strategies for  maintaining the achieved state of improvement and for establishing long-term improvement protocols.
The Program includes:
– 1.5 hour ABR Assessement with photo documentation for the purpose of future comparison of function, movement strategies and structural changes.
– 15 private 1 hour ABR Sessions over a two week period to ensure the return to work in the near future.
– Three week follow up sessions of one hour per week


ABR Acute Injury

Whether you have had an acute accident, a sport related injury or an acute illness such as a stroke, heart attack or Guillain-Barré which effects the function of the motor system, you will best be helped by this individually geared ABR program. ABR can be safely performed by you or your close family members from the very first moments of recovery, making it the method of choice for any of these debilitating health or accident related injuries. Beyond being extremely effective, the techniques applied are gentle and relaxing. Most importantly the ABR Applications prevent the cascade of ensuing damage to the tissues which most of these injuries cause. Please inquire so that we can find the perfect arrangement for you!