ABR Denmark has an exciting program which can be readily implemented in the institutional setting. 
The last 20 years of ABR has led to the development of unique and effective rehabilitation methods which can easily be taught to caretakers and other daily staff in the institutional setting.  The fact that caretakers can be trained to supervise and implement the techniques opens up the possibility for intense and effective rehabilitation in the institutional which most often would not be available due to the otherwise heavy financial burden within a limited budget framework. 
These techniques are enjoyable for both the handicapped individuals themselves as well as for all caretakers and staff employing them, not only because they are simple to perform, but also because the positive effects are rapidly evident.  This gives motivation and joy for both the affected individuals and the supporting staff, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and enthusiasm which can be uplifting for the daily life of the institutional setting. 
Central to these techniques are both a collection of basic ABR Techniques applied together with an understanding of how to utilize the Galileo Whole Body Vibrational Plate in the most optimal fashion in order to bring intense improvements and progress for these individuals. 

The staff will rapidly notice the following progress amongst the recipients of the program: 

  • Improvement in mobility and bodily stability 
  • Improved trunk and neck control
  • Reduction in spasticity 
  • Improvement in limb contractions to both the upper and lower extremities 
  • Reduction of the necessity of pain medication and anti-spasticity injections 
  • Improved respiratory capacity 
  • Improved sitting and standing positions 
  • Improved gait and stamina And more 

The ABR Denmark team offers you: 

  • Sales, service and installation of the necessary materials for a Galileo Training Space at your location 
  • Prescription and supervision of ABR/Galileo Training routines for the individuals in need of rehabilitation. 
  • Training of your staff to be able to carry out the protocols and programs. 
  • Regular Galileo treatment days where our staff visits your location to work with affected individuals and devise their training protocols. 

To find out more, please write to us at:    


We can arrange a visit to your institution in order to demonstrate the Galileo and explain how it could be implemented in your own spaces.